About the Designer

The artist behind the hand-crafted jewelry line called Divine Dangles is Sharon Zaubi. With so many mass-produced items in the marketplace, she felt that the art of hand-crafted jewelry was disappearing. She wanted to embrace the spirit of individual creativity and share her unique creations with all who appreciate handcrafted art.

Sharon lives in Southern Connecticut and shares a love of art and handcrafts. She learned her craft by studying fine arts and jewelry making at the university level, as well as refining special techniques at the Silvermine Arts Guild. She is constantly taking classes, reading magazines & books and collaborating with other artists to keep up with new ideas and techniques.

She has gathered materials as close as local bead & craft shops, beading shows, and as far as southern California and Italy. She feels that choosing the right beads are essential to creating exceptional pieces

In her new line, "Chakra Therapy", the sterling silver charms are hand-made from silver clay (a soft clay that has silver particles combined with organic particles and water.) They are dried, sanded then fired, where the clay then becomes 99.9 pure silver. The pieces are then tumbled, sanded and finished with black max....then tumbled again and polished. It takes many steps to create the charms, but they turn out divinely beautiful!

She hopes that you enjoy wearing her unique hand-made wearable art as much as she enjoyed creating them.

New from Sharon - Divine Fitness!

Sharon is proud to introduce Divine Fitness: Videos and tips to help you improve your health and get you in the most divine shape of your life!

Our Latest Video

Sharon has been involved in athletics and health & fitness her entire life. She holds a Personal Training certification from the nationally accredited organization, ISSA and is CPR/AED certified. She has competed in many body building events and is now a PRO competitor for the WNBF. She plans on competing in more shows in the coming years. Along with a passion for fitness and bodybuilding competitions, she is an accomplished singer and bassist and can be seen around and about gigging at local hot spots.

Sharon's journey in active living began at age 3, when Sharon got the dance bug; a bug that is still with her today. At age 7, gymnastics began its influence on Sharon. As a youngster and young adult, Sharon competed and taught gymnastics. Through her gymnastic and dance training, she started lifting weights at the age of 12, and has continued with this passion ever since.

In addition to a certification in Personal Training, Sharon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing/Art from Pace University. With a proven professional track-record in leadership, management, athletics and fitness Sharon looks forward to using ALL skills to motivate, teach and inspire her clients to: embrace change, face challenges, dream a dream and realize goals never thought possible! Anything can be accomplished and Sharon knows how to get it done.